Are you are registered member of the Master Painters association?

Yes we are a registered member of the NZ Master Painters association.  Owner/operator Mike Smith is the president of the Gisborne Master Painters chapter.

The benefits of choosing are registered Master Painter:


  • Master Painters provide quality workmanship and professional service.
  • Master Painters members use qualified trade painters with proven track records.
  • Master Painters provide professional advice and support if you need it.
  • Master Painters will carry out the work in a professional manner.
  • Master Painters will, to the best of their ability, adhere to current environmental requirements.
  • Master Painters will abide by the Association’s code of conduct.
  • Master Painters are people who really care about customer satisfaction and the end result.
How much time does it take for a coat of paint to dry?

It depends on what type of paint you are using and what surface you are applying the paint to.

As a general rule oil-based paints may take around 4-6 hours to dry and you want to wait 24hrs before applying a second coat.

Water based paints need 1-2 hours to dry, and in 4 hours it can be recoated.

During the winter months in Gisborne these times will be extended and in summer paint will dry a lot faster.

Which is the best time of year to paint in Gisborne?

The good thing about painting in Gisborne is that the weather is suitable to paint all year round.  We generally have a pretty mild winter temperature wise so we can still paint exteriors during winter.

How many coats of paint are required to get a nice even finish?

Normally one coat of sealer/primer is required first then 2-3 coats of paint on top.  Some colours require three coats to get a nice even finish.

There is lots of fly poo on my ceiling, can I paint straight over it?

The short answer is no 😁

If you paint straight over fly poo on your ceilings when the paint dries the fly poo will bleed through the paint and will be more noticeable than before.  You need to clean the fly poo off with sugar soap first then paint.  If you cannot remove the fly poo with sugar soap then you will have to apply a stain blocker to the remaining areas.

Do you use an airless sprayer?

Yes we have multiple airless sprayer units.  Airless spraying requires a highly skilled operator.  Not many painters in Gisborne have the skills to use a airless sprayer like we do.